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Benjamin Auerbach

Associate Professor of Anthropology, UTK Adjunct Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UTK


Benjamin Auerbach's training is in functional anatomy, evolutionary biology, and statistical theory, in addition to specializations in evolutionary quantitative genetics, skeletal biology and archaeology of the Americas. His research focuses on the evolution of morphological variation, especially of humans and nonhuman primates. He is actively involved in understanding the evolutionary forces that have shaped trait variation throughout the skeleton, and has previously worked on studies of measurement estimation in humans.


Modern human morphological variation; multi-disciplinary analysis of the skeleton; quantitative evolutionary models of morphological evolution; ecogeographic variation in body size and proportions; New World human population history; climatic and subsistence interactions and effects on the skeleton; functional anatomy of limbs; anthropological phenomics; clinal modeling and population geneticsenetics.

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