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Summer Internship

Applications for 2023 Summer Internship will open on December 1, 2022. See below for information.

The Forensic Anthropology Center is pleased to offer a summer internship! The internship is from May 30th to June 30th, 2023.  The internship lasts five weeks and the first week is taking part of the Field Methods course.  We reserve four spots for selected interns in the Field Methods Course.  During that time, you will be one of 18 participants in the course.

Please note, students who are currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, are not eligible. Please look here for other opportunities if you are a current UTK student.

Afterwards, tasks of the internship include helping with daily FAC operations, including helping with the short courses, the Body Donation Program,  processing of skeletal remains, and working on your own mock forensic case.  There is not a curriculum per se but flexibility is a requirement.  You do not need to be registered in a University program as long as in your letter of intent you can indicate your goals and plans.   We recommend having taken an osteology course and having clear future goals. We encourage students who have not engaged in previous fieldwork opportunities and first generation undergraduate students to apply.

The internship is unpaid and interns are responsible for their housing, meals, and transportation.   While UT does not offer credit for the internship, credit may be available through their university.

See below for some Frequently Asked Questions about the application and internship. The application includes the application form, a letter of intent, and a letter of recommendation.  You can either email it to Dr. Giovanna Vidoli or mail it in.  The application deadline will be February 20, 2023.  Contact Dr. Giovanna Vidoli ( for further information.

FAC Summer Internship Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the internship open to High School students?

The summer internship is for individuals currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.  We do not have an internship for High School students.

  1. Do you have to be an Anthropology Major to apply?

No, you do not have to be an Anthropology major.  However, it should be a field that is related to Anthropology, Forensic Science, or a field in which learning about human decomposition is related (i.e. entomology, soil science, etc).

  1. What are the requirements?

While we encourage having taken an osteology course, it is not a requirement as long as you have taken a Biological Anthropology course or Anatomy.  It is important that you are familiar with the human skeletal system or have handled human remains before.

  1. What are the physical demands of this internship?

The physical demands of this internship include the variable weather conditions of working outside in Tennessee, weather is often hot and humid. Additionally, there will be tasks involving digging, squatting, standing for long periods, and lifting 50+ lbs in a team. However, please let us know of any possible restrictions and we will accommodate the best we can.

  1. When is the application period?

The application for 2023 will be posted on December 1, 2022, and we will accept applications until February 20, 2023.  Decision will be made around mid-March.

  1. Can international students apply?

Yes, international students are encouraged to apply!

  1. Can I receive credit for the internship?

You can receive credit for your institution but the University of Tennessee does not provide credit hours for the internship.

  1. Do I have to attend the Field Methods course?

Yes, attendance in the Field Methods course is a necessary part of the internship.  If you have taken the Field Methods course before, we may waive that requirement.