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Research Requests and Application Forms

Research Requests

We encourage students and faculty from all universities to conduct research at the Forensic Anthropology Center. The Protocol for Research Requests for the Facility and Collections provides a description of the request process, deadlines and the specifics of the decision process. The research request forms are specific as to whether research is being conducted at the Anthropology Research Facility or the UTK skeletal collections.

Please read the Protocol for Research Requests for the Facility and Collections before completing the other forms and observe the monthly deadlines for reviews. Submissions received by the 27th of each month will be reviewed within the first two weeks of the subsequent month. The Director will contact the researcher by the 15th of that month with a decision or request for additional materials for review. Contact Dawnie Steadman with any questions about which forms are appropriate for specific research projects.

Additional forms:

All forms must be submitted to Dawnie Steadman directly.

Destructive Analysis Requests

Research requests involving destructive analyses are considered but every effort must be made to limit the amount of tissue consumed and the project must have a strong methodological foundation. Destructive analysis is defined as the permanent loss of any biological tissues from the body, including hair, skin, organs, blood and other bodily fluids, bone, cartilage, finger- or toenails, and muscle. Below are links for the FAC Policy on Destructive Analysis and the request form.

Forensic Data Bank

If you would like to contribute a case to the Forensic Data Bank, please fill complete the Forensic Data Bank form and submit it to Richard Jantz (


Below are links to the applications for the Bass Endowment and the Simon Beckett Award for UTK undergraduate and graduate students. If you have any questions, please contact Dawnie Steadman