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FORDISC 3.1 Personal Computer Forensic Discriminant Functions

(2005) R.L. Jantz and S.D. Ousley 

We are sad to share the news that Dr. Steve Ousley passed away on November 6, 2022.  Dr. Ousley was an important FAC colleague and integral to the daily operations of Fordisc. Dr. Ousley’s passing has required some reorganization, which, thanks to Dr. Joe Hefner has been accomplished and all versions of Fordisc 3 are now available on our web site. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Joe Hefner ( or Dr. Richard Jantz (

Stephen Ousley obituary


FORDISC 3.1 is an interactive computer program that runs under Windows for classifying adults by ancestry and sex using any combination of standard measurements. New features of FORDISC 3.1 include more measurements, more groups, including Howells’ worldwide cranial data, the ability to import data for analysis, outlier checks, and an improved pictorial guide to measurements. 

There are three version of Fordisc available:

Fordisc on a USB 

Fordisc USB runs on a USB that is provided. It is the only version that does not require an active internet connection because the program is already set up to run.

Cost: US $395; International orders cost an extra $10 for shipping. 

You can pay by credit card, request an invoice, or request a replacement USB by clicking here

Fordisc SL (Site License Renewal) 

Fordisc SL includes a license to run a number of copies of Fordisc on PCs and laptops at an educational institution. Instructors receive the installation file and are free to distribute it to up to 25, or 50 simultaneous users. Periodic updates to Fordisc 3 versions are included in the purchase price and require an internet connection.

Cost: $100 per year for up to 25 simultaneous users; $150 per year for up to 50 users. Up to five years access can be purchased at one time.

You can pay by credit card, request an invoice, or request a site renewal license by clicking here

Fordisc for the PC 

Fordisc PC runs on PCs and laptops and requires an active internet connection at installation and to update. Up to two copies can be installed as long as they do not run concurrently.

Cost: US $395

You can pay by credit card or request an invoice by clicking here